I’m late, I’m late for a very important date …

by Evie on May 30, 2009

Time really does FLY when having fun (or being busy, busy, busy :-) )

Be Still & KNow I Am God (Psalm 46:10) (Be still and know now I Am God :-)

The 2nd coming isn’t about one, its about all. Its not an A, its an US.

LOL!!!  We aren’t late :-) things are coming along just as they are supposed to.  But we DO need to begin to define our goals (what is it you REALLY want?) If your first answer is money … LOL!!!

… BUZZ …

What do you want IT FOR ??? … That’s it … make it personal and get to what you want :-)

Every 60 day experiment begins with the first day – and no matter what day your *current* 60 day experiment is, today begins aNOTHER one … WOW!!!

… anyway … back to the point of the blog in the first place.

Our common era year 2012 has figured prominently for a whole lot of years … some say longer than our WORLD is old … LOL!!!  I love Stephen Colbert (The Comedy Channel) … any way … the year 2012 BEGINS less than three years from NOW.  But does the *end of man* actually occur then (the real and active labor) or wait until the POP (12/12/2012 to 12/21/2012) of *devout* Christians being sucked out of their vehicles … I’m kidding … CHEESE (dadgum seat belt laws anyhow ;-) and I’M KIDDING AGAIN ;-)

*The end of man* … that’s what I feel to be my truth as we approach that date.  Oh no – don’t get me wrong, we will NOT be sucked out of our cars, we will not disappear off the face of the earth, but we as a species will evolve in a great big FREAKY FRIDAY kinda way … like having surgery to make unseeing eyes see, then gazing into the eyes of your beloved and your children for the first time … kinda way …

… When I first knew this as my truth ~ not many others felt that way … NOW … HOLY SMOKIN’ BAT~MEN!!! Law of Attraction ~ The Secret ~ The Masters Gathering ~ Mind Movies ~ And SOOoooooooo many (many, many, many) more.

The other day while driving, I commented to my dearling husband: “We are so very lucky. No – not lucky, Blessed.  No – not quite blessed either (although we are incredibly so :-) Aware … We open our heart and see with aware eyes – and JUST THEN ~ a male peacock sitting on a split rail fence overlooking the road. WOW!!!

Now – was that luck, blessing or being aware?  Or ~ is it a trilogy?

Be Still & KNow I Am God (Psalm 46:10) (Be still and know now I Am God :-)

The 2nd coming isn’t about one, its about all. Its not an A, its an US.

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