Next year is but days away – what will YOU do?

by Evie on December 29, 2009

Today’s post comes from guest writer Chuck Denk click here to visit his Facebook Profile

This coming year’s promise will only be fulfilled if we recognize that things will only get better if we are fully engaged in being part of the solution to make things better. We have to recognize that social justice is a necessary condition to have a flourishing market economy.

Capitalism without a Conscience leaves a market economy that has to be subsidized by the government in the form of welfare because we not only have far too many people who are unemployed. We have too many people who are underemployed or are amongst the working poor because they can’t get employment that provides a living wage.

Wall Street needs to start helping Main Street rather than just themselves. The Health Care Industry needs to recognize that their desire for profits causes needless illnesses and deaths. Corporate America needs to take classes on Civics and not just recognize that the US Constitution is the Law of the Land: “Government is of, by, and for the people,notOf, by, and for the Corporation” as far too many people associated with the upper echelons of Corporate America expect WE THE PEOPLE to believe and accept as the way it should be.

Generosity, not Greed, is what has made this country of ours the best it can be. As we approach the end of this holiday season, let us all remember that the Spirit of Christmas is Giving, not taking, and that the Spirit of Christmas should exist every day. Let us all give love and joy to others; not agony and despair. We need to be good neighbors that help a community thrive through cooperation. Competition should be for who can be the most helpful in making the community more than a sum of its parts, rather than who can be the richest leech in the neighborhood. In game-theoretic terms, we don’t have to play a zero-sum game where there has to be winners and losers. We can change the status quo to a new paradigm where all sides gain by balancing the needs of a market economy with social justice.

My heart is unconditionally full of compassion for my fellow citizens, that’s just the way I am.

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Evie December 29, 2009 at 12:25 pm

And then we had a great conversation about the future :-)

May I post your Facebook Status to guest blog?
Between Evie and Chuck

Feel free. I said it from the core of my being. I wouldn’t be who I am if i didn’t believe that way. Love you.

Thanks Chuck :-) I wrote a reply and then I hit “Back to Messages” instead of “Reply” :-|

I think 2010 will bring us MUCH closer to ending the egocentric life-style humanity has been treading for so long now.

Do you have a link you would like to include in your piece?

Have an awesome day and wonderfilled rest of the year.

May 2010 be the year humanity wakes ready to realize the purpose of humankind is to allow humanity to be kind. LOL!!! Gotta work on that one – but that’s one goal for the year :-)

Much love & light,

My Facebook Profile link:

Not just “allow humanity to be kind.” Have to go the extra mile and extend that to the game changer: “Encourage humanity to be kind” The positive feedback generated be that would be awesome.

Encourage ~ Yes … but as in parables such as The 100th Monkey and The 100th Human … there will come a tipping point when being nothing but kind is our nature :-)

It’s up to one’s such as us (and the numbers grow daily ;-) to push the momentum as quickly as possible.

… and like children on a playground … SWING Higher :-)

Evie December 29, 2009 at 12:38 pm

… and with that … what goals do you have for the upcoming year?

December 31st 2009 is not only New Years eve …. the day before another decade begins, it is also a Full Moon – … Not Just ANY Full Moon … – But, a Blue Moon.

Blue Moons are the second full moon in any given month and are quite rare. The next Blue Moon will not occur until August of 2011.

Use the power of the universe to set your goals with roles and action plans from now until 2:13 pm EST 12/31/2009 and then release it … and begin following your action plan.

Plan your play and then play your plan …

Using the parable of the professional football player. The football player is playing a game, but this game is his work … it is his profession … it is what he (or she ;-) ) ~does~

What is your game plan? Have you gotten on the field and done your drills? What to get better – you MUST Practice … Now, get out here and let’s PLAY!