The Happening We Have Been Waiting For – began today at Noon EST – it continues until everyone attends :-)

by Evie on April 25, 2010

The question was asked if everyone would be attending -and while MANY have said they would NOT be attending – my answer was eventually …
Eventually … yes :-)
Everyone will be attending … Resistance is futile ;-) Isn’t it GREAT :-)
However it would happen sooner if everyone would just get on board instead of saying … “It’s impossible” … cheese & rice … if we would have stayed with that mentality we would not fly, have cold or hot water at the touch of a button, OR communicate with thousands of people around the world instantly :-)
The Happening We Have Been Waiting For – began 4/25/2010 at Noon EST – it continues constantly until everyone attends :-)   All you need do to attend is give thought to connecting … world wide connection with an open heart.
Imagine a world where love is the motivator.  Not love in the form of one or more of our senses, but rather love in the sense of self and of giving to others without thought of what is in it for them … there is a movie with this premise – I’d suggest watching it if you haven’t seen it …
Pay It Forward.
Pay It Forward is to do something for three people who could not have done on their own.  All the recipient of the good deed need do is do the same for three other people … and so on, and so on, and so on.
Talking about your win, win, win type situations … if done with an open heart and with true intent, humanity will achieve the goal of Human Kindness :-)
So – some of the buzz for my goals this day is to bring online with a blog.  I think I will put the blog separate from the WhyPark domain name.
That sounds like a plan :-)   I can blog about the links I find in my travels along the Internet … Gosh I love following the Internet Trail :-)
Now – where to go from here … just write and we shall see.
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