Working on a New Project

by Evie on October 11, 2010

I am working on a new project.  The expected Fruition date is the third January in 2011 ~ The third Wednesday of the year … I think that is a GREAT due date for whatever the creation born of this new project.

Being as I am all about the number three and my day is Wednesday – I think this bodes very well – yes, I feel it also.  Over the years I am coming to embrace my feeling over my thinking abilities.  My thinking can sometimes become muddled (like mint in a Mojito ~ without the oh that’s nice sip~) and it does not feel like my own sometimes.  LOL!!!  The blessings of an adult with ADHD … however that is neither here nor there.

I bet if the entire population world were tested there would be more ADHD’ers than not ~ especially in this awesome wonderful period we live in where information is seconds away … even if you are in the middle of nowhere (as long as you have phone with access – you have access to all the information available on the Internet and it grows exponentially every day … WOW!)  Anyway – if the whole world were tested ~ I would love to see the breakdown of the data so it went beyond information in to being intelligence.

OH MY and that just takes me off into a whole NEW direction … ZING … Yes it will be interesting to see what this project delivers.  Will I tell you what the project is?  LOL!!!  Currently it is doubtful as I do not want any nay-sayers along the way :-)   Not that I’m actually expecting readers – but – hey … maybe I WILL start expecting you to come along and read this … Ya Never Know ;-)

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