A problem with the world today?

by Evie on November 3, 2010

When we STOP asking “what about me” and start digging deep as to “what can I do” our purpose begins to become uncovered. However it isn’t something (usually) that AH-HA happens in an instant (but it can :-) but over a period of time. Keep asking “What can I do” Not the “Me” kind of I but deep inside of you ~ “what can I do”?

Some people have said we need to go back to a matriarchal society instead of the patriarchal reality we have lived for THOUSANDS of years.

I feel it isn’t the fact that “males” are the problem so much as it is the FACT that the “female” (in ALL of us) has been suppressed, put down, covered up (in some countries and religions that is a literal fact) and even here in the good ol’ USA …getting in touch with one’s whole being is seen as “being gay” … ?????

… AND … over the years, women “to get ahead” have dug out their male and suppressed THEIR female (she’s such a bitch)

… maybe the problem ISN’T male … maybe it is time for the FEMALE (in all of us) to say… ENOUGH is ENOUGH … and {{{ Let Love Lead the Way }}}

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