Happy NEW YEAR 2011

by Evie on January 2, 2011

Two days into the new year and I can feel the change that has already happened, and to know so much more is on the way :-) ~AWESOME~ anyway, I read something this morning that clicked, like a gear moving into place.

I have always had trouble with having the focus of what I call “fairy dust” and my attention can be diverted quite easily. Not good when things are necessary to be accomplished, if you know what I mean.

You can ask others to not interrupt but everyone has their own agenda … :-) … ONE of the wonders of humanity. To ~have~ an agenda.

Anyway … one of my goals for 2011 is become selectively ignorant :-) and to those who know me :-P (that is supposed to be me sticking out my tongue)

I am learning to ignore or redirect ALL information and interruptions that are irrelevant, unimportant or unactionable. For instance ~ you discover the world is ending tomorrow (poof gone) is it relevant? Heck YEAH!!!! Is it important … LOL!!! Is there any action I can take that will stop the world from ending? Not likely ~ then don’t tell me :-) OK?

I’m even thinking of writing that up and putting it on the outside of my office when I am getting things done … yeah, I think I will.

Before Opening This Door
Is what you have to say relevant? If not, please turn around.
Is it important? If it can wait – please do.
Is there any action I must take now? If not, please make note of what I can do and give it to me when the door opens.

Thank You ~ Emc2Enterprises

:-) I wonder if that would make an impression on a three year old?

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