Whoa ~ been a long time …

by Evie on November 17, 2012

I recently had to make the decision to keep or let expire this domain … wow … I had so many awesome ideas for this domain when I registered it, but slowly the excitement waned and onto a bigger and brighter project I went. I can tell you from many years of testing this ~ it does not work very well. BUT you learn a whole lot of different things … and in the grand soup of ALL things, we begin to see there are a LOT of similarities in ALL things.

The biggest issue I have ran into the past couple of years is lack of accountability to ~my Self~

Going to write – if only … just to write …

Buzz for this goal? Write at least 500 words a day. Post to this blog and go (grow?) from there. So much potential ~ BUT ~ one must actually DO to be able to reap … even when one can only do a little – one can do SOMETHING.

Thank goodness for the auto-save … :-) … I almost lost this blog post ~ but I didn’t. Is that a good thing or a bad? Not sure but, it is what it is. I do not have an “auto-save” on this domain name and waited until it had actually expired before renewing it for another year. Is THAT a good thing or a bad? Not sure, but it IS what it IS and all I can do is start where I am … even if my “start” is a continuation of what I have been doing.

It is almost two weeks after the re-election of our 44th President ~ President Barack Obama ~ and those who can not accept the FACT he IS OUR President are busy stirring any pot they can to build venom against Our President.  I am not liking that at all :-(   Maybe put a Goal Buzz onto a few of my other projects that help to support Our President … Possibly … so MANY Possibilities.

As you can see from this post ~ I am kind of all over the place with what I am writing here :-)   If you have suggestions for a path for http://GoalBuzz.com drop me a comment.  I only have a little over 360 words so far, so making stuff up as I go along ~ I can’t do this for too long … or can I?  How long would someone keep reading a rambling blog about … whatever … ?  OR is it much better to have a hyper focus?  Having a hyper focus what if one falls out of that focus?  ARGH!!!  So many questions …

Oh Well, it IS what it is and how I deal with it is up to ME !!!  Awesome!

Some products I think I will check out are: “Master My Goals” signing up for the “free newsletter”   “Goals on Track” sounds like an awesome tool for keeping one’s goals front and center in front of them so accountability to self is greater.

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