About Evie

Evie ~ also known as (AKA :-) ) Evelyn ~ aka Evie the evil Evelyn.

I am Googlishious :-)   LOL!!! (sorry – I do that a lot ~ Laugh Out Loud and thus LOL!!! ~ a lot)  I will add links and stuff here as this page fleshes out.  I am Evie and I am AWESOME (-: so are you, but you’ll remember that on your own :-)   some may find me flaky … LOL!!! … but then the thought of when fish is flaky – it is good … ;-)   and there we are.

Would GoalBuzz be a good domain name to use for an accountability social network?

Imagine … if everyone set themselves daily goals to do.  Then go about their *tasks* with open heart and eyes for the awaiting opportunities (because trust me – they are EVERYWHERE! :-) Like motorcycles … look twice)

On GoalBuzz members would be able to blog their big goals – then daily do deeds to get to the milestones – along the journey of WOW-nderland … all while others could give them ideas, support, and say HEY!!!  I can help you by … fill in the blank ~ cause we are ALL so WOW~nderFULL.

… and kinda like the little snowball at the top of the mountain … it isn’t so little and can be awesomely powerful as it rolls downhill.  LOL!!!

SO … when one is tempted to say *I am only {fill in the blank}*  The most powerful of avalanches began with one tiny snowflake.