What is Goal Buzz ?

Goal Buzz is a site meant to put some BUZZ into our goals.  It was started by Evie (the evil Evelyn :-) and joined by Jessica.  We met through a group called “The Masters Gathering”

Long story ~ really short:

It is my belief we are all masters.  We gather for reasons too many to name, but the major underlying reason for ALL is to live, learn, love and LOL!!!

If you feel called to join Goal Buzz and need to do more than just join :-) let me know and we’ll see what can be done.

Other sites of Evie’s:

Domainager – Evie’s Domain Manager

New Partnerships – It is time for new partnerships.  Some would call them symbiotic, others win~win~win (all win +1 … the new pay it forward) relationships.  It is no longer about “what’s in it for me” … BUZZ !!! … Lose a point :-)   New Partnerships is about finding the best solution for all.  And sometimes the one can not really *have it all* because if they do – they don’t (and when that light-bulb turns on … LAUGHTER is yours in the very strangest of places … I’m sorry :-)   No I’m Not :-)   :-)   :-) )

True Blessing – What IS a true blessing?  and is there ONLY one?  LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oops ~ sorry about that :-)   LOL!!! and no I’m not again ;-)   True Blessing all are so why is it not True Blessings?  Ah … now grasshopper you ask the question of the chicken and the egg … there is only one god, but that one god is a jealous god type question ~ because *in my belief* all is one and one is all … True Blessing … BE HaPpY and how do you do that?  Find GratiTude :-)