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Articles – Do It Now Day

1.       How to recognize procrastination

2.       What procrastination does to a person and those who love them

3.       How to break the procrastination habit

4.       How to get motivated to move out of procrastination

5.       The purpose of goals

6.       How to discover what your real goals are

7.       How to create an action plan to set your goals into action

8.       Why measuring ones progress is imperative to success

9.       How to measure ones progress toward ones goals

10.   How to set milestones to ones goals

11.   The benefits of organization

12.   Using organization to overcome procrastination

13.   Using organization to achieve ones goals

14.   Similarities of organization and time management

15.   How to manage ones time to meet ones goals

16.   How to get control over ones time

17.   How to fit fitness into a crowded schedule

18.   Creating ones first impression with a 30 second elevator speech

19.   Make every day a game and have fun, no matter what is thrown at you

20.   The power of positive thought